Line art of an "Among Us" Crewmate with TRON-like markings.
I Fight for the Users

About Me

Like TRON, I do everything possible to ensure the users’ voices don’t go unnoticed. Working at a place with a relatively new UX department, I do that while doing my best not to feel like an Impostor.
What I Do Now
I’ve been a UX Designer at Ever Driven Technologies since April 2022.
Hand-sketched wireframes and a handwritten musical score.
But Before That...
I’ve been building “experiences” since high school, but back then, my users were the audiences at our orchestra concerts. My wireframes were on staff paper, and you could hear my mockups in MIDI software.
In college, I started working on website layouts when I helped build and maintain wiki sites for my MMORPG guild. We were constantly reinventing how to onboard new members, how to write the most friendly lore articles, and how best to build our Discord channel so it was accessible to everyone.
I started working for Covius Services (formerly LenderLive) in 2016, and while I was glad to get my hands dirty with VisualBasic (though in proprietary software), it quickly became apparent this job wasn’t a great fit.
When I lost my job during the 2020 pandemic, I finally discovered UX design. All the little things I’d learned through music and guild leadership fell into place like LEGO pieces, and I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life.
More About Me
If you were to ask my friends to use a single term to describe who I am, the most common word to come to mind would be “uber-nerd.” From a young age, I’ve loved all things pop culture - from the galaxy far, far away in Star Wars to the Marvel multiverse to the spells and adventures of Dungeons & Dragons.
I enjoy video games. I play them, dream up games I’d love to build, and participate in Game Jams when I’ve got the bandwidth.
I studied Music Composition at the University of Colorado-Boulder and received a Minor in Entrepreneurship. I keep finding new things I want to learn about and do my best to pursue them. 
While I currently live in Littleton, CO, I enjoy traveling. I spent a few weeks in Europe in April 2023 (the first stamps in my passport!), and I look forward to doing more soon.
A blue-haired young woman on the London Eye, overlooking the Palace of Westminster
Line art drawing of a mobile phone and a game console controller.
What I’ve Studied
  • Video Game Design, MITxPRO  — 2023
  • Visual Design, The Interaction Design Foundation — 2022
  • Designing for Accessibility, Uxcel — 2021
  • HTML for Designers, Uxcel — 2021
  • UX/UI Design, Thinkful — 2021
  • Introduction to Coding, SheCodes — 2020